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DiVERGE – customised quality generating responsible consumption.

DiVERGE as a decentralized brand ticks quite a few boxes: Disrupting both physical and virtual realms of the sneaker industry, it provides a platform that not only allows to fully conceptualize and design each and every facet of your sneakers, but its operations are centred around its foci firmly set on social change and environmental responsibility.

Starting from a white canvas, or alternatively relying on curated inspirations, DiVERGE’s approach informs what has always been the underlying idea of sneakers, i.e. self-expression, by putting the whole process from ideation via customisation to finished product into the hands of the customer, who thereby becomes a creator.

While all of the aforementioned sounds exciting, the proof is in the pudding: Handcrafted in Portugal within the confines of family owned workshops with a commitment to creating an ethical working culture, I could not be more happy with the quality of the materials used, e.g. premium leather, solid construction, good seams, a stylish silhouette and a well-cushioned sole, all aspects of which are informed by minute attention paid to detail.

More comfortable than formal shoes, DiVERGE’s handcrafted shoes are infused with a classic, practical and durable DNA that proves to be versatile, i.e. they can be worn with everything you already have in your closet to finish a smart casual look.

In the world of an oversaturated, vast and multi-varied sneaker market DiVERGE ( ) stands out from a sea of epigones by making footwear as democratic as fashion gets. The fact that part of its proceeds are used to support IMAGINE, an educational program for young people between 16-24 years old at risk of social exclusion and poverty, by offering participants to create their own sneakers, launch a micro-business and subsequently provide an income stream, only adds to the appeal.

Robert Frost would be proud of how this brand has diverged from the trodden roads other sneaker brands are based on.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of DiVERGE.

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