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Combining effectiveness and sustainability with great elegance – Lederhaas Cosmetics

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

During a recent stint in Vienna, we came across a unique brand that effortlessly manages to differentiate itself from competitors in the realm of cosmetics in that it draws inspiration from a passion for craftmanship, the usage of high-quality domestic raw materials and timeless design.

Founded by the creative head, philosopher, connoisseur of fragrances and overall Renaissance man that is Wolfgang Lederhaas, his brand Lederhaas Cosmetics pursues a unique approach that is informed by a deep appreciation for the learnings that he derives from nature and the effects of native plants to compose sophisticated and effective natural cosmetics with the building blocks of the natural kingdoms.

Refraining from soulless laboratory cosmetics and in accordance with the credo that ecology, economy, social issues and aesthetics do not exist in a vacuum but interact with one another in an integrated manner, Lederhaas’ cosmetic products address skin and senses, body and spirit holistically.

Perceiving the skin as a canvas that is part of both the body and soul and thereby reflecting evolutionary events and individual experiences, Lederhaas’ Cosmetics primarily serve the purpose of protecting and sustaining our biggest organ.

Lederhaas’ cooperation with Dr. Schier’s Swiss Premium Honey, i.e. its Honey Bee collection, concentrates the regenerative power of noble bee active ingredients with powerful antioxidants, bioactive lipids and natural high-tech active ingredients, resulting in a nourishment of the skin and a naturally fresh glow.

Not being a one trick pony, we adore the way Lederhaas has channelled its alchemy with its relaxing Edition Arrivée, which constitutes an organic cosmetics hotel line focussed on extracts from local plants, with lime and elderberry taking on a prominent position.

Sensory in nature and signifying a journey to oneself, Edition Arrivée is an example par excellence for how Lederhaas ignites the imagination by conceptualizing and capturing feelings like the sense of arriving at oneself by expertly calibrating the engagement of fragrances and fine textures.

In essence, Lederhaas creates a space for sensual experiences and soothing, healthy care, with its caring formulation being based on a deep understanding that everything that comes into contact with skin, which is perceived to be a protective mantle for body and soul, should be nourishment that it can utilise.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Lederhaas.


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