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Celebrating Australia's Gin Heritage: Grain's Bespoke Creation with Bondi Liquor Co

In the heart of Sydney, where the Four Seasons Hotel stands tall, Grain Bar proudly unveils its latest gem: a custom gin infused with the essence of terra australis, crafted in collaboration with the Bondi Liquor Co, the first distillery at the iconic Bondi Beach.

Within every bottle of this artful creation lies a tale of dedication and passion, woven by the skilled hands of the entire Grain team. Aiming to honor the revered London Dry tradition while embracing Australia's unique flavors, this bespoke gin becomes a testament to their collective ingenuity.

Marco Rosati, Grain's Assistant Bar Manager, spoke with fervor about the partnership, "With Bondi Liquor Co by our side, we birthed a grain-based spirit showcasing our craftsmanship and adoration for local ingredients. But this gin is just the beginning; it will weave its way into our signature cocktails, become our house pour, and find its place all across the hotel."

In this harmonious blend, tradition dances with innovation. Botanicals like juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, and orange peel lay a sturdy foundation. Yet, it is the captivating twist of Australian native finger lime, grains of paradise, pepper leaf, and cardamom that sets this gin apart, rendering an unforgettable sensory experience that seamlessly marries classic and contemporary.

Adrian Henshall, the founder of Bondi Liquor Co, was captivated by Grain's determination to create something meaningful and exceptional. After 17 iterations, the Grain Original Dry Gin emerged. He shared, "Their knowledge and passion were evident in every attempt. Our shared goal was to deliver a best-in-class gin unique to Grain, and we succeeded."

At the sandy shores of Bondi Beach, the team at Grain meticulously curated their blend. Their dedication shines through every sip, thanks to the Australian wheat base, offering a light, crisp profile, adaptable to any cocktail – be it a citrusy martini or a refreshing G&T.

And for those seeking a glimpse into this artisanal process, Grain is thrilled to offer their custom gin at select locations: Grain Bar, Mode Kitchen & Bar, the pool bar, and the hotel's mini bar. Their bespoke gin, alongside a range of bottled cocktails, is ready to enchant gin enthusiasts, locals, and curious visitors alike.

The tasting notes read like poetry:

The nose is pure, vibrant, and inviting, foretelling the excitement that awaits.

Juniper, the protagonist, leads a symphony of herbaceous, peppery, and citrus notes.

A beautifully balanced gin unfolds, a brightness that gives way to complexity, culminating in a long, elegant finish.

This extraordinary gin adventure begins at Grain Bar, where a team of passionate bartenders stand ready to offer personalized, friendly table service and for the curious souls, a glimpse into the spirited world of Bondi Liquor Co awaits at

Join the celebration of life, the sun, and the cherished conversations shared over a drink with friends.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Grain Bar.


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