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CASETiFY’s shatterproof spirit of individualism.

With technology having evolved at light speed and with no signs of slowing down, long gone are the days of brick-like cell phones seemingly being made of concrete with durable devices able to withstand not merely the elements but built in a manner so they could literally be crushed yet still come out for another round of Snake.

With the territory of sensitive touch screens and high-definition pro HD cameras comes the danger of inadvertently smashing or scratching our cell phones more easily and in a bid to keep my phones unharmed for as long as possible, I have experimented with a wide array of supposedly shatterproof cases, with few doing a particularly great job and many being too big and bulky in the design and aesthetic department, making it hard to stash my phone away easily.

But fret not, a brand that has become known for revolutionising the game of mobile phone protection is Casetify.

Incepted twelve years ago, Casetify has established itself not merely as one of the fastest growing global tech accessories brands for millennials with its collections of phone cases, Apple watch bands, and various other tech accessories but has expanded its reach exponentially via partnerships and collaborations as an incubator for artists along with the establishment of a design studio for both brands and individuals, thereby having become omnipresent in the realm of pop culture and beyond by taking calculated risks creatively.

With Casetify’s products being made of several layers of military grade shock absorbing plastic and raised components around the more vulnerable parts like the screen and camera to withstand impact even when dropped from considerable heights, what we have grown to appreciate with Casetify is that its offerings are not merely highly customisable, slim in size and practical but also immensely fun.

Offering a wide range of protection levels and customisation styles, almost all of which can be personalised with your own photos and artworks, Casetify is all about transparency as every minute detail regarding the protection and weight levels are displayed on the website.

If you are in the market for a reasonably priced, sustainably sourced customised, attractive looking phone case or other made-to-last protective accessories that purport to protect your gear from drops and if self-expression ranks highly on your agenda, you would find yourself hard pressed to go past Casetify to spice things up and keep your gear safe no matter if it is your phone, computer or adorning your Apple watch with stylish armbands.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Casetify.


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