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Capturing the spirits of its surroundings: M&H Distillery

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

In the heart of Tel Aviv, where innovation and tradition merge seamlessly, there lies a hidden gem that has been quietly shaping the landscape of craft distilleries: & H Distillery is a truly extraordinary establishment that has captured the essence of excellence in every sip.

Founded in 2012, M&H Distillery set out on a mission to create a world-class whisky that would rival the finest spirits on a global scale. What began as a dream shared by a group of whisky enthusiasts quickly transformed into a beacon of craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Combining the passion of its founders with the spirit of Israeli innovation, the distillery has become a symbol of the country's burgeoning whisky industry.

At the core of M&H Distillery's philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to terroir, craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the selection of the finest local ingredients to the meticulous distillation process, every aspect is carefully orchestrated to ensure a truly exceptional product. The distillery sources locally grown barley, which is then malted and milled on-site, allowing for full control over the quality and flavour profile of the whisky.

What sets M&H Distillery apart is their willingness to push boundaries and embrace innovation while staying true to tradition. They utilize a combination of traditional copper pot stills and cutting-edge technologies to create a unique whisky that marries the best of old-world charm and modern techniques. This marriage of tradition and innovation can be tasted in every sip, resulting in whiskies that are rich, complex, and full of character.

One of the hallmarks of M&H Distillery is their dedication to the art of cask maturation. The distillery employs a diverse range of cask types, including ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, and innovative Israeli wine casks, to create a symphony of flavours that develop over time. Each cask is meticulously monitored and sampled, allowing M&H’s head distiller Tomer Goren to curate the perfect balance between wood influence and the spirit's inherent qualities.

M&H Classic Single Malt is the flagship expression of the distillery and a testament to their commitment to excellence. Matured in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-red wine casks, this approachable expression presents a harmonious balance of fruity and malty notes. The nose reveals aromas of ripe orchard fruits, vanilla, and subtle spices. On the palate, it offers a pleasant sweetness with hints of citrus, honey, and toasted oak. The finish is medium-length, leaving a lingering warmth and a touch of nuttiness. M&H Elements Sherry Cask showcases the Distillery's experimentation with cask maturation. The Elements Sherry Cask variants is aged in ex-Oloroso sherry casks, imparting rich flavours and aromas. The nose is enticing with notes of dried fruits, dark chocolate, and spices. On the top of the mouth, it delivers a luscious combination of raisins, figs, cinnamon, and a gentle nuttiness. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a delightful sweetness and a touch of oak. M&H’s STR Cask (Shaved, Toasted, and Re-charred) is an intriguing release in that the whisky undergoes a unique cask treatment process that involves shaving the inside of ex-red wine casks, toasting the wood, and re-charring it. Not surprisingly, the result is a whisky with a distinctive character. Intense fruity and floral aromas, with hints of toasted oak and spice tickle the nostrils. The palate reveals flavours of red berries, dark chocolate, caramel, and a subtle smokiness. The finish is long and complex, with a pleasant balance between sweet and spicy notes.

A recent M&H expression that not only won me over instantenously but has been a massive hit with whisky aficionados the world over is the Apex Pomegranate Wine Cask Finish

As the name suggests, having initially enjoyed maturation in ex-bourbon casks, it was finetuned over six month in pomegranate wine casks. Given the aforementioned it should not be further wondrous that this fascinating little number is fruit forward in every aspect.

Aromas of jam-like red grapes blend in with tangy, citrus sceneted oil, dark chocolate, and hints of malt.

On the palate, avalanches of honey and raisins are married with tart cranberries backed by hints of oaky spice and vanilla sponge cake.

The finish reverberates with jammy, fresh juicy fruit with slightly crunchy floral undertones, culminating in a lingering sweetness.

Overall, the whiskies from M&H Distillery exhibit exceptional craftsmanship and a commitment to pushing boundaries. Each expression offers a unique flavour profile that showcases the distillery's artistry and supports the distillery's potential and current trajectory to become a significant player in the global whisky scene and leave an indelible mark.

If you're a whisky enthusiast looking to explore new horizons and support an exciting emerging distillery, the whiskies of M&H Distillery are certainly worth seeking out with their unmistakable touch of Israeli craftsmanship that has the spirit of their surroundings at its core.


Words by AW. Photos by M&H Distillery.


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