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Blanc de Blanc Encore: A Hedonistic Extravaganza of Spectacle and Sensuality

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

From the gilded halls of the Sydney Opera House to the electric ambiance of The Grand Electric in Surry Hills, the phenomenon that is "BLANC DE BLANC ENCORE" continues its mesmerizing journey. Conjured by the ingenious minds of Strut & Fret – the creative geniuses behind Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour and global sensations BLANC DE BLANC (original), LIFE – THE SHOW, and LIMBO – this five-star extravaganza is far more than a show; it's an experience that ignites the senses and shatters conventions.

A Toast to Decadence: Reimagining the Cabaret Scene

BLANC DE BLANC ENCORE reinvents cabaret, an immersive cocktail of vintage French allure, risqué humor, breathtaking aerial performances, and audacious dance numbers. Strut & Fret's creation tantalizes with a heady blend of Gatsby-esque opulence and unabashed sensuality, setting a stage where mystery reigns and inhibitions fade.

The Heartbeat of Unveiling: Behind the Curtains of Creation

Delve into the craftsmanship that molds every moment of BLANC DE BLANC ENCORE. Strut & Fret's mastery forges an intimate connection between performers and audience, with hosts Felix Pouliot and Remi Martin as charismatic guides. They skillfully steer the ship with a blend of elegantly extended jokes that cleverly tiptoe around risqué topics and playful interactions with the audience. A lucky few from the crowd even get the chance to join them onstage, becoming unwitting participants in delightfully awkward comedic sketches. Raw humor, inviting interaction, and moments of captivating vulnerability bind the audience to the performance, making each heartbeat resonate in unison.

The Dance of Elegance and Allure: Capturing the Show's Essence

Embodied in the enchanting ambiance of The Grand Electric, the show takes on an electrifying intimacy. Unfolding against a backdrop of shimmering lights and exquisite costumery, BLANC DE BLANC ENCORE brims with dynamic variety. From acrobatic prowess to the elegance of aerial performances, the show's ensemble paints a tapestry of amazement.

Beyond the Curtain Call: The Peaks and Valleys of Euphoria

While the show's risqué humor brings laughter, it's the skillful artistry that truly astounds. Aerial acrobatics entwine strength and grace and showcase the ethereal beauty of human artistry, while lighthearted banter and audience interaction keep spectators engaged throughout. The spectrum of performances ranges from exuberant pillow fights that tickle the senses to awe-inspiring acrobatic feats, all executed while valiantly attempting to conceal the modesty that's often at odds with gravity. These daredevil acts, occasionally punctuated by comical cloth-based mishaps, ensure an unending cavalcade of diversity and amusement, leaving the audience utterly satiated throughout the entire Blanc de Blanc Encore extravaganza.

Moments like these elevate BLANC DE BLANC ENCORE beyond mere entertainment, offering glimpses into realms of genuine wonder.

A Mesmerizing Odyssey

Despite its moments of magic, some viewers feel a yearning for an elusive "wow" factor that transcends the spectacle. While the humor evokes laughter, it's the artistry that kindles lasting awe. Through ebbs and flows, BLANC DE BLANC ENCORE stands as a testament to Strut & Fret's mastery, beckoning audiences into an intoxicating whirlwind of sensations.

In the End, "C'est la Vie"

As the curtain falls on BLANC DE BLANC ENCORE, it leaves behind an indelible mark. From its debut at the Sydney Opera House to its current residence at The Grand Electric, this captivating spectacle enchants, entertains, and provokes. With each performance, it redefines what it means to be captivated by the blend of talent, sensuality, and allure that only Strut & Fret can orchestrate.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Strut & Fret.


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