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Bakery Hill Distillery: A Fusion of Craft and Defiance in Whisky.

Bakery Hill Distillery emerges as a family-owned bastion of craft, challenging conventions and embracing a spirit of rebellion. With roots deeply intertwined with the defiance of the Eureka Stockade, this distillery has spent more than two decades honing its craft, daring to challenge the conventional norms of whisky-making.

The Alchemy of Defiance and Craftsmanship

Beyond being a mere distillery, Bakery Hill embodies the force of individuality and the pursuit of unparalleled excellence. Since its inception, Bakery Hill's mission has been to demonstrate that Australia can birth world-class whiskies that rival the best across the globe. Unwaveringly committed to quality, every facet of their process is an ode to creating exceptional whisky.

In a world where compromise often reigns, Bakery Hill takes pride in extending the maturation of their whiskies, staunchly refusing to compromise on quality or flavour. Here, barrels remain untouched until the whisky within attains the pinnacle of perfection. This reverence for craftsmanship echoes through the words of founder David Baker, “We will only sell the whisky we have when it represents the best of what we can achieve.”

Signature Range: A Timeless Pursuit of Perfection

The Signature range embodies the very soul of Bakery Hill. These iconic single malts, nurtured with care by David Baker since the distillery's inception, have garnered accolades for more than two decades. Crafted in the tradition of Scottish Highland whiskies, these expressions rely on malted barley, yeast, and water, and mature for 6-8 years in American oak ex-bourbon barrels. The result is a tapestry of handcrafted whiskies, seamlessly blending tradition with their own unique character.

Seasonal Explorations: A Symphony of Collaboration

Bakery Hill's Seasonal range serves as a paean to curiosity and partnership. Through collaborations with local wineries and breweries, this collection delves into uncharted flavour territories, weaving narratives that resonate. Released in limited quantities on a rotational basis, these expressions serve as a testament to the distillery's ardour for innovation and exploration.

Rare Releases: Treasures of Distillation

The Rare Releases stand as the crown jewels in the treasure trove of Bakery Hill's offerings. Each release offers a fleeting glimpse into a realm of unique casks, extraordinary age, and extended maturation. These whiskies exalt the artistry of distillation, presenting extraordinary expressions of Australian single malt that encapsulate the distillery's unyielding commitment to transcending boundaries.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Flavours

The culmination of Bakery Hill's dedication and artistry culminates in each sip of their whisky. Every expression weaves a distinct tale, harnessing the essence of the distillery and the Australian terroir.

The flagship offering, the Classic Malt Whisky, is the epitome of Bakery Hill's fidelity to tradition. A dance of honeyed malt and toasted oak on the nose leads to layers of rich toffee, dried fruits, and a whisper of spice on the palate. The lingering finish imparts a touch of vanilla and a gentle warmth.

For the audacious palate, the Peated Malt Whisky orchestrates a captivating symphony. An aroma of smokiness reminiscent of a cool autumn campfire leads to waves of earthy peat, dark chocolate, and a hint of brine. The robust harmony prevails on the palate, leading to a harmonious finish.

The Double Wood Whisky is Bakery Hill's exploration of duality, a symphony of tradition and innovation. The nose unveils a bouquet of vanilla, caramel, and subtle spices, while the palate harmonizes honeyed sweetness, dried fruits, and the interplay of rich maltiness with two oak casks. The crescendo finish leaves a craving for more.

So far, so good.

However, once Bakery Hills enters cask strength territory things are taken up a few notches.

Classic Malt Cask Strength: The Unbridled Elixir

Unveiling the zenith of sensory adventure, the Classic Single Malt emerges from the cask, untouched and unapologetically bold. A symphony of pure, double-distilled, unpeated spirit elevated to new heights, preserving all the distinctive notes and flavours that define this classic. A suggestion, perhaps, of a few dew-like drops of water before your journey begins.

Handcrafted from Australian malted barley, meticulously milled, brewed, and double-distilled within the hallowed halls of the Melbourne distillery. Then, nurtured for up to eight years in the embrace of American Oak Ex-Bourbon barrels, once graced by Jack Daniels in Tennessee.

A paean to the aficionados of cask strength, a tribute to the illustrious lineage of Speyside and Highland scotch whiskies—Macallan, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Glenfarclas—think of them, for here you stand on sacred ground.

Close your eyes, as close as you can be, to drinking from a straw within the bond store—where the very essence of the spirit resides. The hue, a testament to richness—amber gold, a liquid sunset. The nose, an embrace of satin-smooth malt, woven with whispers of vanilla, almond meal, and jaffa.

The palate orchestrates memories of spiced orange Turkish Delight, enlivened by a zestiness that cleanses the palate, mingling with malty cereal and cocoa. A symphony of richness, a dance of sweetness without cloying, an exquisite equilibrium of sensations. The finish—deep, enveloping, a lingering caress of malt's opulence.

ABV, a fiery proclamation of authenticity—approximately 60%. This is not just whisky; this is an expedition of the senses, a journey that transcends mere liquid to touch the soul.

Peated Malt Cask Strength: A Bold Odyssey

Embrace the boldest essence within Bakery Hill’s range, for it arrives straight from the cask—an embodiment of Peated Single Malt's grandeur. Among Australia's giants, it finds its place, embodying a Highland-style peat that imparts an earthy, rounded smoke. A journey beginning with malted barley "peated" in Scotland's northern realms, maturing within the embrace of American Oak ex-bourbon barrels from Jack Daniels. A maturation that dances with time for up to eight years, all within a solitary barrel, ensuring an unblended ode to flavour.

Delicately balanced, this is the marriage of peat and the sweeter profiles that complement. All the hallmarks of the Peated Single Malt heightened, intensified to an audacious level, offering one the freedom to indulge as you see fit—perhaps with a drop or two of water to unfurl its secrets.

For those who seek the ultimate flavour experience that transcends the very last drop, this is the elixir you've been waiting for. The colour, a rich gold russet reminiscent of twilight's embrace. The nose, a tapestry of rich peat intermingling with a leathery earthiness, adorned with kumquat and fruit mince tart.

The palate unfolds, layers of tobacco leaf earthiness merging with the complexity of smoky peat, urging for one more sip. The finish, an orchestration of astonishment—an intricate mix of experiences, a parting promise of the profound.

Clocking in at an ABV of 60%, this isn't just whisky; this is a journey into the heart of audacity, a crescendo of boldness that lingers beyond the glass.

Peated Double Wood: The Obvious Revelation

Often, brilliance hides in plain sight, and such is the case with the Peated Double Wood expression—a revelation that unfolds in smoky richness.

Born from the heart of a Bakery Hill favourite, the Double Wood, it emerges as a smoky, vibrant, and exquisitely rich masterpiece. A journey of maturation, five years within American Oak, followed by a brief sojourn of six months in a French Oak barrel, a mere 50L in volume, yet an incandescent transformation.

Dangerously easy to sip at cask strength, this unique expression is an embodiment of festive spirit, created exclusively with generous support from The Whisky List Australia. The nose, an opulent narrative of rich, vibrant peat entwined with earthiness, a symphony of spring florals and fresh citrus kissed by sweetness.

The palate unfolds, unveiling layers of tobacco leaf earthiness, intricate layers of complex smoky peat, a lingering encore with notes of orange marmalade, dark berry jam, and a sumptuous nougat sweetness, all held in balance by the embrace of oak.

The finish, an intricately woven tapestry of complexity, a fusion of experiences that stretch time itself and a celebration of harmonious richness that dances with each sip.

Crafting Art in Every Drop

As you raise your glass to savour the offerings of Bakery Hill, you're not just tasting whisky – you're experiencing the culmination of years of expertise, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, and the embodiment of a distillery's unwavering commitment to crafting art in every drop. So, whether you're a whisky connoisseur or a curious explorer, Bakery Hill Distillery invites you to embark on a journey of flavour and discovery that transcends time and borders.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Bakery Hill Distillery.


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