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Audio =-Ground-Zero: Cambridge Audio

Audio =-Ground-Zero

For People Who Listen

No matter if it is movies or music – sound reigns supreme. Listening to sound at its best is a delight. It is literally every time that I experience a great sound system that I discover additional layers and ideas from what I am listening to, and it feels like prior, I have not been able to feel it in full.

In this series, light shall be shed on devices and brands that are dedicated to constantly evolving and aiming at creating innovative new kit.

Cambridge Audio is a brand that has refined its approach to saving the world from shit sound for over five decades.

With their ethos centred around producing the best devices to represent what they refer to ‘British Sound’, i.e., audio in its purest form and an unadulterated and true representation of the artist’s intention, they set out to create high fidelity equipment that was not breaking the bank yet still adequately portrayed original recordings by removing any barriers or dilutions.

My hi-fi equipment has seen many incarnations over the years and shrunk consistently over the last thirty years, to the point where literally every song is a ush of a button away, all that is needed is the internet and great speakers.

What I like about Cambridge Audio’s Minx speakers is their compactness. Miniature as far as proportions go, the Minx not only look stylish with their high-gloss lacquer finish and fit into a book cabinet, but they pack a veritable punch: I have yet to come across a similar sized speaker with a deeper, more defined bass and wider dispersion of sound, which lends itself particularly well to highlighting the finer nuances of movie sounds.

It is remarkable how Cambridge Audio’s Minx fills the biggest room with their performance. The fact that they are on the affordable end of the spectrum does not hurt either.

In the earbud department, Cambridge Audio does not disappoint either.

Case in point: Their Melomania in-Ear Stereo Earphones, which can be connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Not only are they lightweight, comfortable to wear while running and deliver nine hours of playback, but provide superb and clear, natural sounds with sparkling but not harsh highs, a delicately balanced midrange, all resting on the foundation of a boosted, boomy bass.


images from company website

June 6, 2021

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