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Annandale Distillery: A Hidden Gem of Scotland's Whisky Heritage.

Situated in the heart of Scotland, Annandale Distillery quietly boasts a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1830. Despite its venerable age, this distillery has recently gained well-deserved attention after a meticulous restoration in 2007. Among the treasures unearthed during this revival are the distinct Man o'Words and Man o'Sword ranges, paying homage to the legendary Robert the Bruce.

Man o’Words Portfolio

The Man o'Words portfolio, a showcase of Annandale's craftsmanship, unveils a range of expressions matured in carefully selected casks. Take, for instance, the Lowland Man o' Words, matured in a single Oloroso sherry butt.

Upon uncorking, an overwhelming freshness greets the senses, as cherries, nutty nuances, vanilla, and apple flavors dance on a pine foundation. The palate follows suit, marrying salty peatiness with dried pears, apple cider, sweet grapefruits, and a malty backbone, all enhanced by peppery, nutmeg, and cinnamon highlights. The finish, characterized by a peppery earthiness, is truly impressive.

Rascally Liquor Malt

A unique specimen in Annandale's offerings is the New Make, or Rascally Liquor Malt, available in peated and unpeated variants. This intriguing creation provides a peek into the developmental stages before entering the esteemed Man o’Words / o’Sword ranges. Unveiling wight peppery aromas and flavors accentuated by lime, honey, and peat, the New Make surprises with its complexity, adding depth to Annandale's core range.

Nation of Scots

Annandale's flagship expression, the Nation of Scots, pays homage to Scottish heroes William Wallace, Alexander Graham Bell, and Walter Scott. Crafted as a blended variety, this whisky embodies a melange of characteristics designed to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The aroma offers vanilla, mouth-watering smoke, and peat, framed by apricots, apples, and toffee notes. The top of the mouth reveals woody smokiness in dialogue with spicy barley and sweet breakfast cereal highlights. The medium-length finish is beautifully perforated by lingering peppery notes.

In our exploration of Annandale Distillery's offerings, we've discovered a hidden gem among Scotland's whisky heritage. The dedication to tradition, combined with a forward-thinking approach, has catapulted Annandale into the ranks of my favorite newer distilleries.

A visit to the distillery becomes an enticing prospect, promising further exploration of their captivating expressions. Cheers to Annandale, a distillery that has seamlessly blended the past and the present to create a whisky experience worth savoring.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Annandale Distillery.

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