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Aidan – affordable luxury for the modern traveller.

Updated: May 29, 2023

Having always been avid travellers and having had a high turnover of travel gear, especially during trips across continents having a compact yet spacious suitcase has time and time again proven to be vital to making a trip as smooth as possible.

The importance of luggage made of good materials, durability, the ability to manoeuvre well through airports, over paths and roads, with a form of strap compression system to separate clothes and lets you get more belongings in your suitcase is key.

Bonus points if the respective suitcase is not only wearable and practical, has an inbuilt TSA lock but is aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye.

Aidan is a relatively new brand on the firmament of purveyors of travel goods yet managed to set itself apart from competitors from the get go by making luxury more accessible:

With its signature, scratch-resistant set of polycarbonate shelled suitcases that come in three different sizes, it exudes a seamless and sophisticated style that is reminiscent of high-end brands yet lighter on both – costs and weight.

Equipped with aluminium framing and corners for extra protection, a TSA-approved latch coded lock, 360-degree Japanese Hinomoto run-silent wheels and an easy access compression pad that snaps and releases velvet lined storing compartments to access electronics or other personal goods, Aidan’s sleek gear ticks all the boxes and makes the trials and tribulations of airport travel far more bearable.

Expertly balancing form and function while maintaining a distinct New York-esque style with schmick, minimal branding, zipless and utilitarian design, we especially love Aidan’s Carry-On Case with its maxed out size and patented push-and-release easy-brake system as we cannot count the amount of times when suitcases took flight while we were disembarking a train or taxi.

Apart from its expertly calibrated portfolio of hard-shell signature suitcases, Aidan’s soft luggage options are as practical as they are chic with both the backpack and duffle bag variants sporting classic silhouettes with a subtly pronounced signature house print, thereby effortlessly marrying fashion-forward raffinesse with an effortless street-style sophistication.


Words by AW.

Photos courtesy of Aidan.


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