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Patta - a paragon in the fashion world.

Having started out as a platform for luxurious collectables, Amsterdam-and now also London- and Milan-based multifaceted brand-cum-design imprint Patta has evolved to a veritable heavyweight at the crux of boutique and streetwear.

Partly due to their on-going curated collaborations with brands like Nike, Levi’s, New Balance and Umbro and underpinned by eccentric dives into the realm of the arts to craft capsule collections that speak to their respective music journeys, with the collaborations with Brooklyn-born rapper Jeru The Damaja and Dutch DJ Tom Trago only being recent examples, Patta has refined the art of co-branding and claiming that it resonates with the hypebeasts of this world, would be an understatement par excellence.

However, what sets Patta apart is that what was established by Surinamese founders Edson Sabajo and Guillaume "Gee" Schmidt, has not merely commercialised the culture they feel rooted in but the due has accomplished to retain an authentic approach and a sense that they have placed themselves at the very centre of it – not unlike the feat Run DMC accomplished with making Adidas’ shell toe le dernier cri.

With its effortless style and fusion of art with an idiosyncratic clean aesthetic, Patta has laid the blueprint and created the foundation on which Amsterdam ascended to becoming a hotbed for trailblazing streetwear culture.

Not unlike Supreme, people want to be part of the distinctly European flavoured community that Patta has organically created – a community that has become an international brand transcending the confines of mere products and singular cultural influences, informed by an ethos derived from streetwear's founding principles, i.e. knowledge, passion and a never-ending love for the scene.


photo courtesy of Patta

T - 23 January 2023


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