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A Harmonious Blend: Kith and Bose Collaborate at the Nexus of Music and Fashion with Ultra Open Earbuds.

In a symphony of style and sound, Bose, revered for its audio prowess, and Kith, a trendsetting fashion and lifestyle brand, are unveiling a groundbreaking collaboration—the Kith for Bose Ultra Open Earbuds. This limited-edition audio wearable not only sounds spectacular but also seamlessly integrates into your fashion statement, allowing you to savor your music while staying attuned to the world around you.

Set to elevate your auditory and sartorial experience with the fusion of Kith and Bose craftsmanship, the earbuds are scheduled to hit the market on Monday, January 22nd, the Kith for Bose Ultra Open Earbuds will be available in extremely limited quantities exclusively on and select Kith stores, priced at $300.

For Kith and Bose, brand synonymous with pushing boundaries, this collaboration signifies a milestone as it is bringing together two passionate communities that inspire one another — music lovers and fashion trendsetters, showcasing that exceptional sound does not have to be sacrificed for fashion.

The Kith for Bose Ultra Open Earbuds redefine the aesthetic of audio wearables with an innovative cuff-shaped design, polished edges, and a stunning finish. Unlike traditional earbuds, they attach to the side, resembling a fashion accessory rather than a tech gadget.

You can still flaunt your glasses, hats, or jewelry without compromising style. The matte black colorway, co-designed by Kith and Bose, adds a touch of sophistication. Each earbud proudly displays a uniquely altered Kith logo in Bose’s iconic block lettering.

These earbuds, designed for all-day comfort, seamlessly combine immersive audio and awareness. The co-branded charging case complements the sleek design. Notable features include advanced Bluetooth®, up to 7.5 hours of playtime, Bose Immersive Audio for music spatialization, and more.

In essence, the Kith for Bose Ultra Open Earbuds are a testament to the perfect marriage of music and fashion. As the two brands unite, the Ultra Open Earbuds transcend the conventional boundaries of audio wearables, embodying the spirit of self-expression and style.

Set your calendars for January 22nd at 11 AM EST/CET, as these limited-edition gems will be exclusively available at Kith shops and on,, & the Kith App.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of KITH.


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