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A Chance Encounter and the Birth of a Whiskey Legacy: Callington Mill Distillery.

Six years ago, amid the haunting allure of MONA's annual Dark Mofo festival, a serendipitous meeting unfolded. It was during a Laphroaig tasting at Hobart's Evolve Bar that I first encountered John Ibrahim and Rizk Mawass. This chance meeting would become the genesis of a remarkable journey into the world of whiskey.

Ibrahim's foray into whiskey began with the acquisition of Dysart House in Kempton, which would later become the home of Old Kempton Distillery. This venture, however, was catalyzed by a fateful connection with Bill Lark, a pioneering figure in Tasmanian whiskey. Lark's influence and mentorship set Ibrahim on a path that would transform the distillery landscape of Tasmania.

In the years that followed, the distillery underwent an extraordinary transformation. Nestled in the historic village of Oatlands, Callington Mill Distillery emerged as a beacon of innovation and a new chapter for Tasmanian whiskey. Ibrahim's unwavering dedication materialized through the Leap Of Faith Series, an impressive collection of eight releases that delved into the complexities of double and triple distillation and maturation processes. These offerings stood as a testament to the collaborative spirit and innovative vision that defined Callington Mill's journey.

As anticipation built, Callington Mill Distillery prepared to unveil its unique identity through its inaugural releases. Representing the pinnacle of whiskey production, the distillery integrates cutting-edge Tasmanian technology, sources pristine highland water locally, and relies on locally farmed barley. It embodies a perfect blend of craftsmanship and innovation, ushering in a new era for Tasmanian whiskey.

Yet, Callington Mill Distillery is more than just a production facility; it's an immersive journey. Visitors are welcomed with captivating tales of the local area, brought to life through audio and video interactions. For those fascinated by the art of whiskey-making, guided and unguided tours offer an intimate look into the distillery's processes and a chance to craft a personalized blend.

Among the distillery's most recent creations is Quagmire Single Malt Whisky, a Tasmanian cool-climate peated single malt that invites enthusiasts to explore beyond tradition. At 46% ABV and elegantly presented in what has become a trademark for Callington Mill distillery, Quagmire navigates the soft, yielding terrain of the smoky spectrum, offering a subtle symphony of flavors that challenge and enchant the palate.

Quagmire: A Journey Through the Smoky Spectrum of Tasmanian Whisky

Quagmire's rich, golden hue mirrors the warmth of a sunset over the Tasmanian highlands, promising a luxurious experience.

Upon approach, what tickles the nostrils is an aromatic symphony where earthy peat melds with the comforting scent of a campfire, complemented by sweet undertones of vanilla and butterscotch.

As Quagmire caresses your palate, the flavors of caramel, toffee, and honeycomb create a harmonious blend, enhanced by a luscious, velvety texture that glides effortlessly.

We love the finish as it is a masterful crescendo where the persistent peat is beautifully balanced by the sweetness of chocolate-coated almonds and the enduring essence of fine cigars.

Aged in Sherry and Port casks, Quagmire gains depth and complexity, infusing it with rich, layered flavors that evoke a sense of timeless tradition.

Quagmire is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative spirit of Callington Mill Distillery - a distillery that is bound to become one of Australian's most prominent distilleries.


Words by AW.

Photo courtesy of Callington Mill Distillery.


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